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Luna mini 3 + UFO™ mini 2 4-Piece Gift Set

Luna mini 3 + UFO™ mini 2 4-Piece Gift Set

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A supreme selection of premium devices & clean cosmetics to set you up for skincare success - at home & on the go. LUNAâ„¢ mini 3 smart facial cleansing massager works with Micro-Foam Cleanser to remove in-pore impurities & perfectly prep for a UFOâ„¢ mini 2 supercharged 2-min full-facial for an instantly nourished, healthy radiance. Glow up that dull complexion with a 6-pack of UFOâ„¢ Power Activated Glow Addict Masks.


  • Compact & travel-friendly LUNAâ„¢ mini 3 is designed to provide an instantly visible, fresh glow.
  • Encased in an ultra-hygienic, velvety silicone body and powered by the latest tech advancements, LUNAâ„¢ mini 3 offers 12 adjustable intensities of T-Sonicâ„¢ pulsations distributed over a dual-sided brush, for beautifully glowing, clean skin.
  • LUNAâ„¢ mini 3 is vegan & cruelty-free
  • Featuring Thermo-therapy, LED light therapy, and T-Sonicâ„¢ massage, a combination of science-backed spa technologies, UFOTM mini 2 supercharges your mask
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